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Dying to Ride, holds itís annual Motorcycle Awareness/Fallen Riders Ride and Memorial on the second Saturday of each June. At the end of each ride, there will be the Annual Memorial and a Dying to Ride Motorcycle Awareness Presentation, by Founder Teresa Mills Davenport, followed by live music, food and night of camping. 

I am sure many of your readers have lost a loved one due to a motorcycle accident. Could you please let them know they can add the name of their lost one to the Dying to Ride guestbook at 
http://dyingtoride.org/GUESTBOOK.htm  to include them in the Memorial.  All names added to the DTR guetbook will be read during the memorial ceremony. The location of the memorial for those who wish to  attend will be posted on the website. http://dyingtoride.org

Please contact Teresa Mills Davenport for press information at dyingtoride@hotmail.com


Thank you,
Teresa Mills Davenport
Dying to Ride 2010