Dying to Ride was founded in 2010 by Teresa Mills a few months after her husband Rob was involved in a fatal motorcycle collision on June 5, 2010. The goals of Dying to Ride 
is to promote motorcycle awareness among drivers of other vehicles.

In 2011, Dying to Ride became an International motorcycle awareness Group forming a board of directors to oversee the operations.

Each year on the second Saturday of June, Dying to Ride holds a memorial ride for fallen  riders. This ride, makes a stop at the scene of Rob's accident and a memorial naming each fallen rider on the memorial list is held. Then the ride continues to a campground for a night of celebrating the lives of our fallen riders.

Dying to Ride is always looking for new members. It costs you nothing to be a member, as our slogan says, the only responsibility is to spread motorcycle awareness. You can do this by passing our awareness posters http://dyingtoride.org/posters.htm on your Facebook page and other social medias, email or any way you can pass them on.  Its that simple.





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